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Citywide, Large-Scale, Complex Video Surveillance Deployments
Made Simple and Cost Effective…

SafeCiti®  is Iveda’s ultimate cloud video surveillance validator. SafeCiti is a complete cloud-based video surveillance solution for citywide deployments. Only Iveda has the know-how, experience, partnerships, and global resources to deploy a true safe city project that is reliable, centrally managed, scalable, and cost effective. Serving our customers and responding to their requirements over the past ten years have allowed us validate the best of the best in video surveillance technologies and methodologies, including surveillance cameras, wireless systems, and other components necessary to deploy an efficient and effective video surveillance system.

We design and implement private clouds for our customers centrally managing all cameras within the network, regardless of cameras location. SafeCiti is the culmination of years of experience providing cloud-based video surveillance products and services to consumers, businesses, and communities.

We have the experience and know how, we have global resources and we have projects to reference.


A publicly-traded company under the stock symbol IVDA