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Turn your smartphone or tablet into a mobile, live video streaming device

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IvedaMobile® is a centralized video hosting application, enabled for Sentir® cloud video management platform. It transforms smartphone or tablet into a video and audio transmitter, hosted in the cloud and broadcasted to multiple simultaneous users for both live and recorded audio and video.

With IvedaMobile, smartphone or tablet captures live events for instant sharing and records in the cloud for instantaneous retrieval. After signing up for service, the end user simply downloads the free app to a smartphone or tablet and begins streaming live video. To view hosted video, simply log into the hosting website using any web browser. Live and recorded video can also be viewed by downloading the IvedaMobile Viewer app on iOS and Android devices.

What Sets IvedaMobile Apart from Other Smartphone Video Apps?

  • Broadcasts video to multiple users through a web interface or IvedaMobile Viewer app
  • First and only platform capable of combining remote access from mobile and surveillance cameras
  • The only true cloud backend. Redundant, robust, enterprise-class infrastructure
  • Flexible and scalable from one to thousands of hosted devices
  • Most advanced wireless streaming technology for smoother video
  • Proprietary compression technology; more efficient and secure
  • No equipment or software to buy and maintain
  • Video and audio recording in the cloud, not on the phone



  • Body Camera for Law Enforcement
  • Incident/Accident Proof of Occurrence/Damage
  • Instant Insurance Property Damage Claim Field Report
  • Property and Construction Site Inspections
  • Real-time Field Information to Headquarters
  • Person of Interest Surveillance
  • Education Remote Training Tool for Students
  • Sharing Live Family Sports Events
  • Virtual Backup and Other Security Guard Services
  • Record and Share Family Events
  • Retail Display Assessment
  • Marketing Compliance
  • Inventory Assessment
  • In-Vehicle Surveillance
  • Crowd Control

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A publicly-traded company under the stock symbol IVDA