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Iveda® (OTCMKTS:IVDA) enables cloud video surveillance via its Sentir® data and video management platform, utilizing proprietary video streaming and Big Data storage technology. Iveda enables a recurring revenue model by global licensing of Sentir to service providers, already earning monthly recurring revenue from their customers, such as telcos, datacenter operators, ISPs, and cable companies.

Iveda built a solid organization, including an enterprise-class, cloud-based video hosting architecture, allowing scalability, flexibility, and centralized video management. For end users, this means remote access to centrally managed live and archived video, without the burden of buying and maintaining software and equipment. Iveda delivers the true essence of video surveillance through cloud computing, like no other.

Iveda continuously innovates and remains committed to its vision of providing cloud-based video surveillance services on a global scale.

Based in Mesa, Arizona with a subsidiary in Taiwan, Iveda has a SAFETY Act Certification by the Department of Homeland Security as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology provider.

Recent Press Releases

July 2, 2019Iveda Partners with Metro Manila for Multimillion Dollar Smart City and Digital Transformation Projects
June 6, 2019Iveda Partners with AXIOM for Multi-Million Dollar SAFE City Projects in South Africa
December 31, 2018IvedaAI Pilot in Charter School and Banking and Law Enforcement in Mexico

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A publicly-traded company under the stock symbol IVDA