Iveda's live-streaming body cam software maximizes real-time awareness

Multiple parties can view live-streaming video from multiple locations - and video is stored even if the recording device is destroyed

By PoliceOne Staff

Iveda and its video management platform Sentir have recently begun working with body-worn camera manufacturers to integrate live, mobile video streaming application software.

With this technology, live streaming video can be transmitted to police headquarters as well as officers in the field any time of day or night, increasing real-time situational awareness. Video from hundreds or even thousands of officers can be managed in one central location.

Officers using the technology wouldn’t need to download their video footage at the end of their shift to save it; the footage instantly records and is saved to the cloud, where it can be viewed by anyone who’s been authorized to access it.

“Cyber security has always been a primary concern for us,” said Iveda CEO David Ly, “Law enforcement should have the utmost confidence that the cloud represents a far safer repository of data than the box of data they store [elsewhere].”

Video is virtually accessible by any video device – including dash cams, body cameras, and mobile smart phones with 3G or 4G connectivity.

“This technology is a true virtual partner,” said Ly. “It provides [the user] with the ability to make critical assessments and decisions on behalf of the officer in the field. Manufacturers talk about real-time situational awareness – this is indeed real-time situational awareness for whom it matters to most.”

One of the benefits of instant cloud storage, Ly explained, is the ability to obtain video evidence even if the recording device has been misplaced, stolen, or destroyed.

For more information, visit www.Iveda.com.

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