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May 29, 2014

ProphetStor, Iveda Improve Software Defined Storage Management for Video Services

In the case of private and public clouds, sufficient storage and efficient storage management are critical requisites. But owing to cost constrained network storage becomes a setback in most cases.

To overcome this problem, ProphetStor Data Services, a specialist in software-defined storage, and Iveda have joined hands to provide a software-defined storage infrastructure that will deliver enterprise class cloud video surveillance to customers.

The proficient and scalable storage infrastructure will help Iveda to enable new and innovative services that provides the required volume, reduces the complexity, and improves the responsiveness of real-time and large scale video services.

Iveda, a provider of cloud video hosting technology, will be implementing the ProphetStor Federator SDS to augment the capabilities of existing storage silos and commodity hardware, making them into intelligent storage systems for the Sentir Intercloud platform.

This will enable the delivery of an optimized video management platform that is compatible with both public and private cloud deployments made for device provisioning, video streaming, and cloud video analytics.

According to David Ly, Chairman and CEO of Iveda, ProphetStor’s Federator SDS solution simplifies storage infrastructure management by enabling a software-defined storage. The Federator SDS, on being integrated with Iveda’s Sentir video management platform, will also increase storage capabilities, minimize the infrastructure cost, and optimize cloud service operations.

This collaboration between Iveda and ProphetStor will help improve the architecture design and technical specifications for a big video data cloud storage infrastructure. In addition, Federator will enhance automatic discovery and help in the abstraction of physical storage resources into virtual pools.

The resources will be classified on the basis of capabilities and performance, centralized management, automated storage provisioning, dynamic monitoring and scheduling of resources to accommodate storage needs. This will build an infrastructure that serves consumers, mobile users and residential users, along with small-medium business, enterprise and government agencies.

Recently, ProphetStor opened offices in Malaysia and Singapore. These new facilities will provide pre-sales and post-sales support, customer service and technical assistance to ProphetStor’s growing base of customers in the South Asia region.

Edited by Allison Sansone

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