Dealers and Integrators

Fully-Packaged VSaaS Offering for Dealers and Integrators
Immediate cashflow positive – no upfront cost, pay per device activation

We simplified our VSaaS offering for dealers and integrators for fast go-to-market strategy. The new offering includes best-in-kind, plug-and-play ZEE® cloud cameras that are inexpensive, but full of functionality, coupled with the Sentir® cloud-video and data management platform that is both flexible and scalable.

Iveda has created the “Demo-to-Market Launch in 30 Days” Program for dealers/integrators to shorten the going-to-market process. This includes white labeling. We recognize that every day our partners don’t sell, it’s revenue lost. Every phase of the program is streamlined to maximize intended results.

This new service offering provides dealers and integrators with a new revenue source, while eliminating the need to build and maintain their own cloud infrastructure.

Should resellers choose to use their own infrastructure through our Licensing Program, Iveda will license the Sentir software for them to manage and provision.

ZEE – Plug-and-Play Cloud Cameras



ZEE cameras are enabled for Sentir cloud-video and data management platform. These are inexpensive, plug-and-play cloud cameras. The ZEE camera line includes indoor, outdoor, fixed, and PT (Pan/Tilt) cameras. Iveda offers three wireless indoor cameras and one outdoor camera with a variety of features (e.g., Fixed, Pan/Tilt, H.264, POE, Day/Night, and IR). MSRP starts at about $100.

Sentir Cloud-Video and Data Management Platform


Sentir replaces the traditional DVR and other hardware and software inherent in traditional video surveillance systems. Sentir significantly reduces upfront cost for the end user. Video is hosted and stored at secure data centers with 24/7 online access on virtually any Internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or computer, wherever the user may be.

Especially designed with consumers and small businesses in mind, ZEE and Sentir eliminate the many hours of network setup and upkeep. With Sentir, ZEE cameras in disparate locations, may be accessed on one online dashboard, regardless of quantity, under one login. The solution provides an inexpensive and easy to install enterprise-class video surveillance solution for home, office or business.

Iveda offers other Sentir-enabled products such as the VEMO®, in-vehicle streaming video system, ideal for law enforcement and transportation applications and IvedaHome, wireless smart home automation system.

What’s in it for Dealers and Integrators?

  • Earn cumulative RMR – What you sell this month becomes a perpetual revenue
  • Pay per camera activation, no upfront fees
  • Achieve immediate cashflow positive
  • Expand markets and grow revenue opportunities
  • Spend more time selling – No complicated installation with plug-and-play cameras
  • Boost competitive edge and company value proposition
  • Energize sales teams with new service offerings
  • Create new revenue stream from stagnant customers
  • Leverage fast Go-to-Market program
  • Increase the value of your company with RMR business model

What’s in it for End Users

  • Less upfront capital expenditure
  • Inexpensive, yet simple to set up, plug and play
  • One, fixed monthly fee for live and stored video
  • Except for the camera, no other hardware or software purchase and maintenance
  • Less hardware running, less power consumption
  • 24/7 web based access to live and recorded video
  • Video accessible on any Internet-enabled computer or mobile device

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