Iveda Overview

dIveda Overview

Iveda® (OTCQB:IVDA) enables cloud video surveillance via our Sentir® data and video management platform. Sentir utilizes proprietary video streaming and Big Data storage technology. We enable a recurring revenue model by globally licensing Sentir to service providers (e.g., telecommunications companies, datacenter operators, ISPs, and cable companies), for plug-and-play cloud video offering to their customers.


David Ly, our charismatic chairman and CEO, founded Iveda in 2003. Under his leadership, Iveda has evolved into a mature, global organization, partnering with service providers for mass distribution, utilizing our Sentir platform.

Iveda built a solid organization, including an enterprise-class, cloud-based video hosting platform, allowing scalability, flexibility, and centralized video management. End users are able to remotely access centrally managed live and archived video, without the burden of buying and maintaining software and equipment. Access live streaming and recorded video from multiple locations on a single dashboard on computers or apps on mobile devices, 24/7. Iveda delivers the true essence of video surveillance through cloud computing, like no other.

Our core values and commitment to excellence define the framework and alignment of our fundamental business strategies and ethical practices. We earned our continued success through our dedication to customer satisfaction and ethical standards of honesty, integrity, and mutual trust.

At Iveda we believe that our success depends on putting our customers first. By paying close attention to customers’ needs, we are able to respond with the best products and services in a timely manner.

The Department of Homeland Security awarded Iveda the SAFETTY Act Designation, as a Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technology provider in 2009. The Designation was renewed in October 2014. The Designation provides liability protection for our partners and their customers. The DHS elevated our status to  “Certified” in January 2016. This placed our technology on the  “Approved Products Lists for Homeland Security.”

Iveda continuously innovates and remains committed to our vision of providing cloud-based video surveillance technology on a global scale.

The Company is based in Mesa, Arizona with a subsidiary in Taiwan.

A publicly-traded company under the stock symbol IVDA