Access Your Hosted Cameras via Any Internet Enabled Device


Who Can Benefit From Mobile
Camera Access?

  >> Managers
  >> Police officers
  >> First responders
  >> Public safety officials
  >> Loss prevention executives
  >> Security guards
  >> Small business owners
  >> Homeowners
  >> Parents
  >> Contractors
  >> Government representatives
  >> Transportation supervisors
  >> School administrators

Once you have initiated your managed video hosting or real-time remote surveillance services with Iveda Solutions, you can access and manage your cameras while you’re on the move. We have brought viewing and PTZ control in the palm of your hand. Instantly assess activities at your key locations in real time from your cell phone.

Iveda Solutions partnered with mobiDEOS, Inc. to bring this functionality to our customers. Their MobileCamViewer truly allows on-the-go freedom for mobile users. User experience is enhanced by this application when centrally managing surveillance video through Iveda Solutions’ managed video hosting service. This application works with over 95% of cell phones on the market today. Ideal for business surveillance use, the application stores up to 25 cameras on your cell phone and can be accessed individually or by groups using a drop-down menu.

Why Mobile Access?
  >> Access to a computer is not always possible.
  >> View your mobile cameras from practically anywhere.
  >> Mobile access to cameras is the ultimate in camera management.
  >> Cellular access gives you the ability to supervise security and safety functions remotely even
       when your Internet access is unavailable.
  >> Easily view several facilities from one cellular interface.
  >> Cameras are at your fingertips at all times.